recycle.jpgWe take great care to operate responsibly, ethically and in ways that limit our
impact on the environment. We believe that being one of the leading corporate travel companies in London gives us a duty to lead by example.

Our ISO14001 accredited environmental management scheme confirms our commitment to reduce energy consumption, limit waste and encourage recycling.

As a member of the Green Achiever Award Scheme we want to demonstrate to our suppliers and customers that we are helping to control the environmental impacts of
our business.

This knowledge, coupled with our unrivalled experience in the corporate travel sector, is shared with our customers to create a cleaner and greener environment
in which we can all travel.

Beyond our efforts to be environmentally friendly, we dedicate considerable time and effort in supporting certain charities each year. These are selected in an annual staff vote. Motivated employees at Travel and Transport Statesman have made great strides in finding fun and innovative ways to fundraise for charity in recent years.




In 2019, staff at Travel and Transport Statesman voted to support the mental health charity MIND as well as Macmillan Cancer Support




In March 2015, staff at Travel and Transport Statesman voted for two charities to sponsor; one international and one local.

With overwhelming support, The Trussel Trust was voted our local charity and Task Brasil our international charity. 


The Trussel Trust


13 million people live below the poverty line in the UK.

Every day people in the UK go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income. Trussell Trust foodbanks provide a minimum of three days emergency food and support to people experiencing crisis in the UK.

Those living below the poverty line are identified by frontline care professionals such as doctors, health visitors and social workers. The Trussell Trust focuses on assisting these individuals and families if they are housed but are still in desperate need of emergency supplies as a result of the social conditions they live in. While there is an obvious need to support the homeless, it is an area covered on a much wider scale by charities in the UK.

As the number of those in need continues to rise, we have pledged support with fundraisers and hands-on help from a number of staff members.

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Task Brasil


This small charity operates socio-educational programmes for the young who are disadvantaged or at risk in Rio de Janeiro. It also supports the needs of ex-residents so that they have the opportunity to thrive within their communities and away from the harsh street-life.

Our aim at T&T Statesman has been to raise significant funds to help support and grow the current Task Brasil programmes, classes and activities for the children of Rio, while spreading the word to potential beneficiaries.

We have supported the charity through various means, including fundraisers, stationery donations and a visit from one of our representatives to 'Casa Jimmy' in Rio itself. 

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charity: water


In March 2014, charity: water was voted in as the company's sponsored charity for the year. We discovered that people in the office love to get a bit dressed up for a good cause at our very own Mad Hatter's Tea Party

The following Christmas saw our very first Statesman Santa Style Awards with people getting into the festive spirit with some bold and imaginative decorations. The 2015 awards were even more closely contested, in what has become something of a tradition at Senator House.







The Voice School - Tanzania

The Voice Secondary School, situated between the towns of Arusha and Moshi in Tanzania provides modern education for all, especially albino children who are often victimised and rejected by their communities.

Business Travel Agents | Voice School Shirts

When the school was established earlier this year we donated computer equipment to help with their set up. As we upgrade our hardware across the company we will continue to donate equipment to the school so we can aid their progress.

The school currently has seventy students, has recently acquired more land and plans to expand. However, the school needs financial support for the next three years in order to continue to build and to install electricity and water in the new classrooms. 

With the greater capacity made possible by new infrastructure, the school can achieve it’s aim to ‘Inspire, Empower and Educate’. They want to set an example of providing equal opportunities for all members of society. This will allow them to bring about a wider change through the lives of those they don't directly impact, helping to create a safer, more tolerant and prosperous Tanzania.