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Business Travel News |Our New Technology Launch

Posted at : 19/02/2018

By: Josh Gunn

For Immediate Release: 19/02/18 

LONDON: Travel and Transport Statesman, a leading international travel management company, has today announced the launch of three proprietary business travel products, Dash Mobile, Dash Portal, and Dash Reporting.

The Dash product suite connects travel managers, bookers and travellers through a proprietary platform that brings service, speed and simplicity to the forefront of TMC technology.


Dash Mobile is an all-in-one mobile app that alerts travellers to disruption and flight changes via push notification, instantly syncs with booking systems to automatically show new trip itineraries, and allows “click-to-call”, connecting the traveller with their designated team. Dash Mobile also includes mobile check-in, useful phrase translation, shared itinerary access for selected colleagues, friends and family, and even integrates with Apple Watch and other smart watches.



 Click to call in Dash Mobile


Dash Portal is everything a travel booker needs to organise trips on behalf of their colleagues. Bookers will see the next upcoming trip for their travellers upon accessing the system and can access key information like seat numbers, hotel contact details and trip invoices with just a click. Dash Portal is integrated with leading booking tools and traveller profiles, giving you one place to book trips, house all your traveller’s preferences and stay on top of travel.


"Every travel stakeholder deserves great technology and service that’s tailored to their role" - Mervyn Williamson, Managing Director


Dash Portal for travel managers provides everything that bookers get access to but also Risk and Reporting, two solutions that focus on some of the most critical elements of their role. Dash Portal lets you see where colleagues are and if they’re in a high-risk location as soon as you open the platform. Reporting inside Dash Portal makes all the reports you need available in an instant, built to your specifications. Dash Portal’s responsive design works across all devices and the customisable interface gives key personnel the ability to add documents, links and other key resources for their team, including integrating leading expense management providers like Concur and Coupa.


Mervyn Williamson, Managing Director said: “Dash Mobile, Portal, and Reporting put the right tools in the hands of buyers, bookers, and travellers. Every travel stakeholder deserves great technology and service that’s tailored to their role and the challenges they face.”


Travel and Transport Statesman is committed to building products and services from the ground up that work seamlessly together to serve international businesses that demand more from their TMC. By owning and operating the core technology offered to our clients, we keep costs down, satisfaction scores high, and data security at a maximum.


ABOUT: Travel and Transport Statesman is a leading London-based TMC for international organisations who need service, speed, and simplicity across their entire travel programme, online and offline. By combining proprietary technology and global buying power with delightful service from expert teams, we lower fares, boost traveller happiness, and drive real results.


Travel and Transport Statesman is wholly owned by Travel and Transport, Inc. Founded in 1946, Travel and Transport is one of the largest travel management companies in the U.S. specialising in corporate travel management, group and meeting travel services, and leisure travel. Travel and Transport, a 100% employee-owned company recognised for unparalleled service, integrity and travel industry knowledge, has locations in 44 states and is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. Travel and Transport also serves as one of the main shareholders of Radius Travel with locations in over 80 countries throughout the world. This partnership, along with their strategic global growth plans, offers clients a broader reach and service offering in key global markets.

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