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      A Perfect Day Starts with a Perfect Journey



      Whether you need on-demand services in London or Manchester, or executive pre-booked in over 80 countries around the world, Addison Lee and Tristar can help.

      Two of the most experienced ground transport providers have come together to offer the complete car service solution – everything you need under one roof. We offer the best of both offerings; award-winning service, full MI, account analysis, and technology that works for you.

      The Addison Lee Group can deliver outstanding service for you at a scale and quality no other transport partner can provide. With industry-leading driver training, sophisticated in-car safety technology, and support available 24/7, we provide outstanding service from start to finish – for when you need more than just a car.

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      The Addison Lee Group offers a truly global service – our network spans over 80 countries worldwide. Together we offer:

      • Service – We take pride in our award-winning trusted and comfortable car service. It’s more than just getting you from A to B.
      • Transparency – We work in partnership with our clients to offer full transparency and real-time visibility, enabling greater control over costs and activity.
      • Global Offering – We continue to grow our global presence and are able to offer pre-booked and on-demand services in over 80 countries around the world.

      Sit back, relax, and enjoy your journey. We are always at your service.


      To make a booking with Addison Lee and Tristar or for further information, please contact your Statesman Travel Team. 


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