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      Emirates Business Rewards - Now with Cash-Like Convenience


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      Emirates Business Rewards, our reimagined corporate traveller programme, is open to all organisations. The programme is designed to offer benefits to companies that don’t have a corporate travel agreement with Emirates. It can also be used to compliment any travel agreement that may be in place.

      The new programme which was introduced in August 2016, lets you redeem Business Rewards Points for any available seat as if you were paying cash – even on last minute flights. Earned Points will be quickly reflected in your account within two weeks.

      Individual travellers can sign up to Skywards and benefit from Skywards Miles independently. You will also be able to earn Business Rewards Points on their bookings.  Just have your membership number added to their booking.

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      There is no limit to the number of Skywards members you can have for each Emirates Business Rewards membership. Bookings for guest travellers, such as consultants and freelance employees can also earn Business Rewards Points.

      You can have up to five Programme Administrators to manage the account; allowing you to appoint someone from your travel management company as an administrator. 

      Business Rewards Points can be earned on published fares and fares purchased via your travel management company. However Corporate Fares, Group Fares and Tour Fares are exempt as these are negotiated fares.

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      Joining Emirates Business Rewards couldn’t be simpler. Just click here  

      Once you have registered please contact your dedicated Travel and Transport Statesman Team and ask them to add your new membership number to all bookings containing Emirates flights. This process is vital for tracking your Business Rewards Points.


      For further information or to make a booking with Emirates, please contact your Travel and Transport Statesman team. 

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