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      Eurostar Green Speed Project


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      Green Speed: A Project to combine Eurostar and Thalys has been presented to the boards of their shareholders to meet the demand for sustainable travel in Europe.

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      The vision for the Green Speed Project is underpinned by five key objectives

      1. An attractive alternative to air and road travel for nearly 30 million passengers per year by 2030.

      The combined entity would aim to accelerate the switch from air and road travel to high speed rail travel by increasing the capacity of passengers per year on the combined Eurostar and Thalys networks, both current and future, from 18.5 million passengers today to nearly 30 million by 2030, providing a response to the growing demand for environmentally-responsible travel.

      2. A high-speed train service relying on renewable energy and an ambitious sustainability policy

      The Green Speed Project would aim to create a combined entity which would maximise the use of renewable energy for its fleet between now and 2030 further reducing its CO2 emissions in support of the EU’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions.
      By accelerating the initiatives already in place, the combined entity would also aim to introduce  an ambitious environmental policy in terms of waste management, removal of plastics, eco-driving of trains and sustainable purchasing.


      3. Simpler international travel  for every customer

      As a result of combining the two companies, the new entity would provide each customer with seamless and efficient services with one single ticket between the countries and cities on the Thalys and Eurostar networks, improved schedules for quick connections, supported by innovative digital tools at every stage of the journey for customers.  

      4. Attractive offers and a single passenger loyalty programme

      A joint loyalty programme would  be introduced across the unified network giving passengers access to attractive travel and partner offers with other multimodal, sustainable companies. The members of this unified loyalty programme  would benefit from more upgrades, discounts and complimentary journeys with early access to partner offers as well as lounges and  other personalised benefits.

      5. A multicultural, warm and friendly service

      Drawing on both companies’ culture of quality and hospitality, the proposed combination would aim  for excellence in terms of service quality for its customers.


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