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      The Lufthansa Group comprises Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss International Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings. It is the airline group with the largest network in the world. We carry more than 100 million passengers a year and offer ideal connections throughout the world.

      If you want to be relaxed, fresh, energetic and ready for your business meetings or trips, Lufthansa Group has the perfect choice for you. Flying long-haul for business or pleasure, Lufthansa Group offers you the fares Premium Economy and Economy Privilege for a flight in maximum comfort and pleasure. But, if you are travelling short-haul, then Lufthansa Group reserved for you the Economy fare that suits you the best, as you can pay for the services and amenities that you actually use. You have the option of choosing between Economy Light and Economy Classic, however booking the Classic fare with all the usual services offers you more benefits. 


      Travelling with Lufthansa means that you will experience a flight in comfort. Whether you are travelling long-haul for business or pleasure our Premium Economy or Economy Privilege is the perfect choice for you if you want to reach your destination feeling great, relaxed, fresh and ready to start your sightseeing or meeting straight after your arrival. Available are options on Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa.

      With Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa, you will have more personal space, more free baggage and more service. You can enjoy a wider seat area, a generous seat pitch, high-quality food selection, a welcome drink and a personal Lufthansa amenity kit.


      Brussels Airlines will delight you with champagne before the meal, Neuhaus chocolate gift box, a complimentary bottle of water and an upgraded dining experience. For a delightful flight, Brussels Airlines offers its passengers better quality head set, a fleece blanket, personal amenity kit, a hot towel after take-off and a lot of space and comfort with additional 8 cm of leg room and a double seat recline.

      Travelling on short-haul, Lufthansa Group offers you the Economy fare that suits you and the chance to only pay for the services and amenities you actually want to use! You can choose between Economy Light and Economy Classic, however there are benefits in booking the Classic fare with all the usual inclusive services over the Light fare.


      The Light fare is ideal if you are only travelling with carry-on baggage and know exactly when you will be flying, bookings cannot be changed nor tickets refunded. For an additional fee, you can add one piece of baggage and a seat reservation to your booking. If you want to do so, as an example for a return trip from London to Frankfurt, it will cost you £ 189.20, which is £ 28.30 more compared to booking the Economy Classic fare.

      The Classic fare is perfect if you do not want to forego the usual services and amenities and would also like a certain amount of flexibility because the tickets can be rebooked if necessary on payment of a fee.

      For further information and to make a booking with Lufthansa, please contact your Travel and Transport Statesman team. 

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