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      Making Eurostar the Greenest Mode of Transport



      Since 2007 when we introduced our original Tread Lightly plan we have continuously reduced our carbon footprint making Eurostar the greenest mode of transport between the UK and mainland Europe on the routes we serve.

      Reducing our carbon footprint has always been a key priority for our company and we are determined to build on our achievements. At the start of 2018 we committed to setting a bold new science-based target to further increase the energy efficiency of our business.

      In accordance with the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement and the Science-Based Target Initiative we are committing to a significant reduction in our corporate emissions, supporting the drive to limit global warming to below 2 degrees celsius and creating a low carbon future.


      Below are a few initiatives we took to as part of our Tread Lightly program:

      • Introduce alternatives to fossil fuel energy for all of our journeys by 2030: We’ve been developing long term plans with our infrastructure partners to incorporate fossil fuel alternatives in our energy mix. The Netherlands section of our journeys is already 100% wind powered.
      • Reduce plastic by 50% by 2020: We’ve been trialling alternative products that use less plastic onboard and in early 2019 we introduced Radnor water for use on board and in our Business Premier lounges. This bottle is made with 51% recycled plastic. We will also be reducing the number of plastic bottles available in the lounges during the course of 2019.
      • Achieve a 3-star SRA Food & Drink Rating by 2020: Our Sourcing Policy was launched in 2018 to enable us to work closely with each of our suppliers on the seasonality and locality of food. This will contribute greatly to our rating in 2019.


      With several of the commitments set for completion in 2020, this coming year will be an exciting and progressive one.

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