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      Royal Air Maroc: Connecting Africa to the Rest of the World


      Royal Morocco.jpgIt was just  60 years ago when 2 airlines  - Air Atlas and Air Maroc – merged, giving birth to Royal Air Maroc on 28th June 1957.

      The national carrier of the kingdom of Morocco has since shown great resilience in meeting the many challenges that it has faced over the years. The company has grown steadily over the past six decades, continually expanding its network and modernising its fleet; from the first propeller planes, the legendary Constellations and Caravelles, to the wide-bodied imposing Boeings 747 & 787 Dreamliner; the latest crown jewel in the aviation industry.

      Royal Air Maroc fleet has always consisted of the latest generation aircraft. In 1957 the airline was one of the few carriers to own a Lockheed Constellation. The arrival of its first Boeing 727-200 in 1970 marked the beginning of an strong relationship with the US manufacturer and the airline. 

      Royal Air Moroc

      Since its early days, Royal Air Maroc was keen to create its own Vocational Training Centre. It became known for its prowess at forming unrivalled, highly qualified mechanics and its expertise has gone from strength to strength. 

      The Moroccan Airline Pilot School was set up in 1970. The pilots who graduate from the school are known and recognised for their expertise not just in Morocco but across the world. With a young and modern fleet of 56 aircraft Royal Air Maroc serves 97 destinations worldwide.  

      From the very outset the airline has sought to bring Africa closer to the rest of the world. The national airline launched the Casablanca-Dakar service in 1957. Thanks to its strategic hub in Casablanca Royal Air Maroc has contributed to connecting Africa to the rest of the world.

      In the 70s a series of long-haul routes were introduced; to the United States, Canada, the Middle-East and Brazil. As part of its expansion plan, RAM is proud to announce 6 weekly flights to Brazil: 3 flights from Casablanca to Sao Paulo and a new 3 times weekly service to Rio de Janeiro.

      Royal Air Maroc is looking forward to embarking on a new era of future development for the airline integrating the very latest innovations of the new ecosystem technology.

      Royal Air Moroc | Renovations


      To make a booking with Royal Air Maroc or for further information, please contact your Travel and Transport Statesman team. 

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