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      Travel On The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner With Gulf Air



      The addition of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner to the Gulf Air fleet marks a historic moment for Gulf Air and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

      It is yet another important step in the airline’s strategic direction towards furthering the fleet’s modernisation process and strengthening Gulf Air’s network and the overall passenger experience. The aircraft’s industry-leading technology boasts superior fuel efficiency, environmentally friendly operations and range flexibility that will facilitate the planned network expansion and fleet optimisation at a lower operating cost as it consumes around 20% less fuel and produces around 20% less emission than other aircraft types.

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      Gulf Air’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners offer 282 seats in a two-class configuration, with 26 Falcon Gold Class seats and 256 Economy Class seats – a 32% increase in capacity on the airline’s previous wide body offering. Passengers will enjoy many improvements with the 787 family such as the largest windows of any jet, air that is cleaner, more humid for greater comfort, large overhead bins with room for everyone’s bags, soothing LED lighting and technology that senses and counters turbulence for a smoother ride. Falcon Gold cabin, in particular, offers superior comfort and business travellers can step out of long haul flights expecting to feel just as fresh as they would after a short one-hour flight


      B787 Falcon Gold class seats (Serenity Suites)

      Seat Width


      Seat Pitch


      Bed length


      Privacy level

      Full privacy/open suite (electrically controlled privacy divider)

      Seat controllers

      Primary and secondary seat controllers available to control the seat functions at different positions (lounge, bed or any intermediate mode). Privacy divider, do-not disturb indication and seat lighting level are also available.

      Tray table

      Large one-piece meal table (15” x 19”) with 90-degree swivel.

      LED reading light

      Reading light with dimming capability.

      Seat mood lighting

      Stowage and foot rest mood lighting available on all seats.

      Screen size

      Thales flex monitor of 22’’

      IFE ports

      2 USB ports one of them is high power/locked headset with an additional port for personal headsets usage/ AC power outlet

      IFE controller

      Touch screen

      Massage feature

      Controllable via the primary seat control

      Seating and bed comfort

      No cushion gaps in the centre of seat providing the ultimate bed comfort

      Foldable footrest

      Only for window passengers to grant a full bed size and a wider entrance to the seat

      Personal stowage

      Various personal stowage: beneath ottoman/bottle holder/shoulder side stowage/laptop stowage


      For further information and to make a booking with Gulf Air, please contact your Travel and Transport Statesman team. 


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