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      Turkish Airlines - A New Era of Travelling



      With the new airport opening in Istanbul, business travel will be made easy and hassle free. With 6 runways and a capacity of 150 million passengers, along with the corporate travel programme that provides various advantages and discounts, travelling via Europe's leading airline has never been so easy.

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      Turkish Airlines has been crowned Europe’s best airline and an airline with the world’s 3rd largest flight network with 304 destinations within 122 countries. Turkish Airlines will expand further with the new airport opening in Istanbul with 6 runways and a capacity of 150 million passengers. It has the potential to increase to 200 million passengers as a result of Istanbul’s geographically advantageous position, meaning you‘ll be able to fly to 38 countries and connect to 80 destinations within 3 hours distance from Istanbul. The new airport will bring a new era to travelling on business via Istanbul and Turkish Airlines, with the spacious and modern Terminals.

      Check out the 360 view of the new Airport in Istanbul

      Turkish Airlines offers you a unique gourmet experience. On international long-haul flights and most short-haul flights, you can enjoy our award winning in-flight meals, freshly cooked for you by our flying chefs. With award winning catering and luxury services, with an amazing lounge, and with more than 330 aircraft's with an average age of 6.7 years, Turkish Airlines owns one of the youngest fleet in the world. On board our aircraft we have the latest blockbuster movies, live TV and free Wi-Fi for business class passengers on wide bodied aircraft Boeing 777 and Airbus 330.

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      Not only is Turkish Airlines known for its outstanding services but also its corporate programme, The Turkish Corporate Club Programme. It is a corporate travel programme that provides easy and streamlined methods to reduce company travel costs and in addition will provide your business various perks to make business travel as comfortable as possible. Within the aviation industry, The Turkish Corporate Club Programme is known as one of the most beneficial and cost efficient loyalty programs as it is totally costless and is only aimed at supporting companies with business travel. With the new airport opening in Istanbul and the constant growth of Turkish Airlines, business travel will be made as simple as possible.

      Advantages of the Corporate Travel Programme are as below:

      • Exclusive discounts
      • Flexibility
      • Easy membership
      • Pre-boarding benefits

      The Turkish Airlines Corporate Club travel programme allows you to save on your business trips and is prepared according to the needs of your company and offering many advantages for free. Take advantage of Turkish Airlines Corporate Club without any commitment, make your business trips more profitable and comfortable. 


      For more information regarding the Corporate Club Programme please click here or speak to your dedicated Travel and Transport Statesman team.




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