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      Hurricane Florence | Category 4 Storm Causes Danger for US East Coast



      Millions of people in the US have been advised to evacuate their homes as Hurricane Florence approaches the East coast, with the greatest risk in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia and a potential threat in Maryland and Eastern Georgia. 

      The Hurricane is expected to hit on Thursday 13th September, bringing severe travel disruption. There have already been over 100 flight cancellations for Wednesday 12th September and Thursday 13th September. These cancellations come from airports along the coast and the number of cancellations is expected to rise as Florence approaches. 

      The UK Foreign Office has advised those planning to travel to the area before the 15th September to keep monitoring your travel for updates and prepare to amend or postpone plans. 

      If you are due to travel within the affected area, please keep checking your flight status prior to your departure. Hurricane Florence also has the potential to cause road and rail disruption in the region so please factor this into any amendments made to your travel.  

      The safety and security of our travellers is our main priority. We will continue to run reports and assist those who need to make other travel arrangements. 

      If you have any concerns regarding your travel arrangements, please contact your Travel and Transport Statesman team. 


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