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      Ryanair Introduces New Rule on Cabin Baggage



      Ryanair have changed the rules regarding luggage passengers can take on board as from November, they will now be charging £6 for bags that are stored in the overhead locker. 

      Currently, Ryanair allows passengers to take on a small carry-on bag and those who have paid for priority boarding can take a 10kg bag into the cabin. Those without priority boarding have their bag transferred to the hold, free of charge.

      From November, all passengers will still be free to take on their own small bag at a 20 litre allowance. However, if you wish to take on board a wheelie suitcase or another large bag that does not fit under the seat in front, you will be required to pay £6 to store this in the cabin. 

      If any passengers small carry-on bag exceeds 20 litres, this will need to be placed in the hold, at a charge of £25.

      According to the airline, this is not a money making tactic, but a way to reduce delays and improve punctuality.


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